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New Mexico Business Lawyers – Albuquerque Business Attorneys

We help business owners with a variety of legal services related to forming and running your business. We can also help guide you on various matters related to starting and operating a business such as marketing, bookkeeping, and more. If you are in need of a business lawyer for any of the following matters be sure to contact our office for a free consultation. Below is a list of some of the items we handle for our business clients:

New Mexico Contracts

Contracts are heavily used in just about every business. We can help you determine what types of contracts you will need for you business. Likewise, if someone is asking you to sign a contract either individually or on behalf of your company, then you should consider consulting a business attorney to review the contract. We’ve helped clients negotiate, and enforce New Mexico contracts. Unfortunately for many clients, the need to have a written contract is not realized until it’s too late; don’t make the same mistake.

New Mexico Contract Drafting

Whether you need representation to negotiate the terms of a business deal or to simply draft the terms of an agreement you’ve made, we can help. Here are some articles regarding drafting of New Mexico contracts:

New Mexico Breach of Contract

When one party fails to meet their obligation under a contract the other party may have a cause of action for breach of contract. We assist clients that seek to pursue breach of contract actions in New Mexico against another party for their failure to perform under a contract. Here are some helpful articles that deal with New Mexico contract legal concepts:

New Mexico Business Formation (LLCs, Corporations, & Nonprofits)

We’ve helped numerous clients form various types of New Mexico business entities. Whether you want to form a New Mexico limited liability company, corporation, or even a New Mexico nonprofit, we can help. All New Mexico Businesses must be filed with the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office. Below are some helpful articles that cover many of the common questions of business owners (as always feel free to contact our office for more information):

New Mexico Nonprofits

In addition to assisting business clients we’ve also helped clients form New Mexico nonprofit corporations and later obtain tax exempt status. We can advise you about the various aspects of forming and running a nonprofit business. Here are some articles that pertain to nonprofit organizations:

New Mexico Business Operations & Planning

New Mexico Business LawyerWe have experience operating and starting various types of businesses. We can provide you guidance on a variety of different aspects of running and planning for your business. Many businesses are regulated and we can help guide you through cumbersome regulations and implement business systems that work. Here are some helpful articles for business owners and aspiring business owners:

  • Determining Start Up Costs for Your Business
  • Drafting a Formal Business Plan
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting for Your Business
  • Choosing A Name for Your Business
  • Choosing the Best Location for Your Business
  • Dealing With Employees – How to Avoid Legal Trouble
  • Steps You Should Take Before Hiring Employees
  • Marketing and Advertising For Your New Business
  • Raising Money For Your New Business
  • The Importance of Defining Your Business Market
  • The Importance of Having Insurance
  • The Importance of Market Research